Andrew Anderson Lakeland, Florida

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At Organic, we designed a proprietary blend of organic black dyes crafted to transform your pond overnight. Poured around the edge of your pond, PureBLACK pond dye tints your pond a reflective natural-deep pond black color.

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Aeration is a key to pond health! Farm Ponds, Backyard Ponds, Retention and Irrigation Ponds all need Aeration, which has proven to increase water clarity, reduce odors and muck and eliminate thermal stratification and stagnation. Allow your pond to breathe, by adding diffused oxygen to the water column.

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Bacteria are single-celled microorganisms. Technically, they are prokaryotic cells, which means they lack the enclosed nucleus and membrane-bound organelles found in the eukaryotic cells that make up the human body.

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Algae in ponds occurs naturally. A healthy pond always has some algae and algae production is required for a healthy fishery. Excess algae is an indicator of too many nutrients in the pond and usually leads to noxious odors, muck build-up and the problem gets worse as time goes on.