Pure Bacteria

Bioremediation: The Use Of Organisms to remove or neutralize pollutants.

For Ponds & Lakes

Muck Reducer PureBacteria by Organic Pond

Pure Bacteria digests decaying organic matter in your pond. Reduce muck, decaying vegetation and fish waste with this all natural pond treatment. Apply early in the season when water temperatures reach 50 degrees-continue treatments monthly throughout the season. PureBacteria is safe for people, pets, plants, fish and wildlife; there are NO water use restrictions. One Gallon treats one surface acre of water. For best results simply pour the product in several spots along the shoreline. Use PureBacteria with PureBlue Pond Dye our all-natural sun limiting pond colorant. Apply PureBlue as soon as the weather breaks or your ice starts to thaw. Beat the sun to the bottom of your pond.

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