• Pond Probiotics. Using Beneficial Bacteria to create a balanced pond ecosystem.

    Probiotic is a new word to most of us and we are hearing it more often each day. So what are probiotics? According to the currently adopted definition by the World Health Organization, probiotics are: “Live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host”. Probiotic supplements have become very popular as the public becomes aware of the enhanced digestion and disease prevention properties of probiotics, also known as beneficial bacteria. Dannon’sâ„¢ Activia yogurt and Eukanubaâ„¢ Prebiotic Dog food are good examples of successful probiotic foods on the market today.

    In the pond world we have been employing beneficial bacteria, or probiotics for a number of years. Bio-augmentation enables pond owners to balance the nutrient load in their pond, reducing the potential for nuisance plant and algae growth by digesting decomposing matter. Last year we introduced Clean, Clear, Blue a all natural blend of beneficial bacteria and pond dye that was a big hit for our customers and is garnering rave reviews. Instead of chemical treatments that have water use and aquatic species limitations, Organic Pond’s strains of beneficial bacteria are cultured to focus on digesting fish waste, decaying vegetation, fertilizers and other components of the nutrient load, resulting in a clean, clear, blue pond.

    Just in time for spring, Organic Pond has introduced Pure Bacteria a blend of beneficial bacteria. Our customers have requested a bacteria only product, so we developed Pure Bacteria, a one gallon bottle that will treat 326,000 gallons of water, or the typical ¼ Acre pond. All of our products are safe for people, pets, plants and the environment and are easy to use. You simply pour the product in the pond and natural water movement will disperse it in 24 hours.

    Start a probiotic plan now before you are plagued with spring plant and algae problems. For an easy, effective, earth friendly approach to pond maintenance, please visit our home page https://organicpond.com/.

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