Pond dye


PureBLACK pond dye limits the amount of sunlight in a pond! It is an integral tool in keeping a pond healthy.

At Organic Pond.com, we designed a proprietary blend of organic black dyes crafted to transform your pond overnight. Poured around the edge of your pond, PureBLACK pond dye tints your pond a reflective natural-deep pond black color.

One gallon of PureBLACK Pond Colorant treats 1,625,000 Gallons of Water, equivalent to 1 Acre with a 5′ average

depth or 5 Acre Feet. Or try one of our other sizes formulated for a Water Garden to a 5 Acre Lake.

Unsure of the size of your pond? Wondering about the right dosage? No problem! Simply call our toll-free number at the top of the page and we’ll be happy to help!

We can help calculate your pond water volume quickly and free of charge.


PureBLACK Pond Dye

Make ponds, fountains and waterfalls even more magical with rich coloration that provides shade and shimmering reflections. It gives ponds in wooded areas a pure, natural look.

PureBLUE Pond Dye

PureBLUE Pond Dye limits the amount of sunlight in a pond!

OrganicPond pureBLUE dye is easy to use. It comes in a gallon container. Shake the gallon up well and pour in 3-4 places along the shoreline around the pond. Natural water movement will disperse the dye in 3-24 hours.
Use one Gallon per acre with an average depth of 5 feet. This represents 1.65 Million gallons of water. If you live in a temperate climate use pond dye all year round. In colder climates use pond dye as early in the spring as possible, just as your ice is thawing. Prevent early sunshine and spring germination.

The frequency of Pond Dye use is dependent on a couple of factors such as a change in water volume, or a loss of water. If you get a big rain or pump water into the pond, add more dye to account for the water volume change. If you shed water, plan on applying more frequently to account for pond dye loss.

Pond Dye biodegrades over time via sunlight, without water volume changes, plan on applying pond dye every 4-8 weeks.

OrganicPond pureBLUE and pureBLACK Pond Dyes are safe for ponds, horses, livestock, birds, pets, fish, wildlife and the environment.

As an alternative to fertilization, pond dyes can be used to reduce light penetration into the water column. Pond dyes block the wavelengths of light that are necessary for photosynthesis. The upper two feet of the water column remain productive and provide food for fish. Application rates depend on the volume of water to be treated. Treatments usually are effective for six months or occasionally longer, depending upon the rate of water loss from the pond and the amount of fresh water entering the pond. If dense growths of algae or other weeds are present, mechanical removal or an herbicide treatment may be needed before applying a pond dye.

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