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  • Algae Killer Kit

    Posted on April 12, 2017 by in

    This all in one Algae Killer Kit effectively and quickly kills and consumes undesirable Algae for up to 1 acre ponds.


    Keep you pond fresh afterwards with our benecial bacteria and pond dye to continue suppression of algae growth.


    Make a messy pond perfect in no time!

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  • Pond Dye Pure Blue

    Posted on October 8, 2015 by in

    PureBLUE Pond Dye limits the amount of sunlight in a pond. We manufacture pureBLUE using the densest, commercially available dye on the market. When finished, it is up to 20% more powerful than most other gallons and at least that to all quarts (so called super quarts). One gallon will dye a one-acre pond 4 ft. deep depending on flow through, etc. for 5-6 weeks. It is a very natural blue, and not a light tropical tint.

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  • Pond Muck Reducer pureBACTERIA

    Posted on October 8, 2016 by in

    Muck Reducer and water clarifier pureBACTERIA by Organic Pond contains up to 3 times higher CFU count than the average products on the market at approximately 600 billion per gallon. Our special blend contains four strains of bacteria that effectively and efficiently digests decaying organic matter in the water column as well as the muck on the bottom of the pond. Our bacteria are manufactured under the strictest quality control in one of the top ranked laboratories in United States of America. Apply pureBACTERIA early in the season as soon as water temperatures reach 50 degrees-continue treatments monthly throughout the season. pureBACTERIA is safe for people, pets, plants, fish and wildlife. There are NO water use restrictions. One Gallon treats one surface acre of water. For best results simply pour the product in several spots along the shoreline.

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  • pureBacteria+

    Posted on June 8, 2017 by in

    OMRI listed organic bacteria for use in organic farm ponds.

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  • PureSeptic Drain and Septic Treatment

    Posted on October 5, 2016 by in

    PureSeptic uses a Dual Attack Strategy! Billions of beneficial bacteria cells, consume waste on contact, followed by billions more in a second wave to continue the attack for weeks to come. Directions: Place two tablespoons in the kitchen or bathroom drain, pour just enough water to flush it into the trap and wait overnight. Contains […]

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  • Spring Startup Kit

    Posted on May 8, 2017 by in

    Contains two gallons of pureBlue, two gallons of pureBacteria and a pound of pureShock

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  • SuperQuart 100% Blue Dye

    Posted on April 19, 2017 by in

    Super Quarts are 100% Undiluted Pure Dye. As such they are intended for commercial use where the applicator can carefully apply the product in a way that adequately disperses the dye. Each quart is the equivalent  of  1 gallon of pureBlue.

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  • SuperQuart Black-single

    Posted on June 19, 2017 by in

    One quart of 100% black dye, equivilant to one gallon of pureBlack pond dye.

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  • SuperQuart Blue-Single

    Posted on June 19, 2017 by in

    One quart of Concentrated 100% blue dye.

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